Our Mission


OBmegazine took its very first order and turned into one of the world's very first online golf shops. Based from Wichita, Kansas, OBmegazine started as The Golf Storage facility, a little family-operated business with only 4 full-time workers. The business has because grown to over 250 staff members. Throughout this development, OBmegazine shows the shift from online golf shop leader to market leader.


The name and appearance are upgraded while preserving the very same terrific choice and service you trust. Now, with over 230,000 square feet of storage facility area committed to over 40,000 golf items, OBmegazine is the Sweetest Area in Golf.


At OBmegazine, you get the overall purchasing experience. We understand you take your golf seriously, therefore, do we? There's no should go shopping anywhere else because you have discovered it.

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You can find such golf apparels in almost every sports shop. There are also specialty stores for sports gear.

Some retail shops and department stores even have their own sports sections where you can easily access golf apparels.


If you can freely move with the apparel then it is a right fit for you. If you did not find a golf apparel that fits your measurement,

then it is best to buy the one that is one size larger than your measurement and have it altered.